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About Me

Hello I'm Becca owner and designer of Becca's Bloomin Buds. I love to get to know all my couples. Creating a relationship with each couple is important to me and enables me to bring individually customized floral pieces to life. This business supplies elegant and bespoke bouquets and gorgeously crafted pieces that can make any venue look exceptional.

For over 13 years I have been working with couples in the build-up to their wedding events. I strive to provide couples with a unique and personalized experience. The expertly-chosen flowers can help to set the tone for a wedding as they can reflect the personality behind the couple and give rise to a beautiful setting. 

Becca’s Bloomin Buds has an extensive list of floral services. Aisle decorations, centerpieces, floral backdrops, and bouquets are all covered by their business. Each floral masterpiece is customized to complement the style and tone of each individual wedding. An initial consultation will lend an opportunity to discuss ideas and designs. This company hopes to provide every type of arrangement you could want for your event. Delivery options and event setup can be availed of on the day, as well as clean-up services.

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